5 Must-Have Features of HR Systems in the Philippines

Do you know that a lot of businesses here in the Philippines are now transitioning to digital workflows? Most businesses are also getting human resources information systems (HRIS) to level up their workforce management.

In this blog, we are going to share what are the must-have features of HRIS & payroll for businesses here in the Philippines.

Manage Employee 201 Files

One of the important modules of the HR system is the ability to manage and store the Employee 201 files.

A 201 file is a compilation of employee identification files. It includes sensitive information such as name, address, contact details, educational background, and family information.

This module of the HRIS system must be secure since it also contains crucial files such as employment records. Documents such as resumes, signed contracts, performance evaluations, promotions, disciplinary records, and records of termination or resignation are included in this.

A good HRIS has a user-friendly interface that allows HR to easily upload, update, and navigate 201 files.

Attendance & Leave Management

Absences can’t be avoided. We also know that Philippine labor laws have strict regulations on working hours, overtime, and leave entitlements. For example, vacation leave, and sick leave.

A robust attendance & leave management feature in HRIS will simplify obedience to the law by accurately tracking and calculating attendance. This will minimize the risk of legal issues.

Furthermore, attendance directly influences payroll calculations. Errors in tracking time, overtime, and absences lead to salary discrepancies and potential disputes. An integrated system ensures the correct flow of data, resulting in accurate and timely payroll processing.

We know that manual leave management is complicated and prone to errors. The help of an automated HR system will simplify the entire process from leave applications and approvals to maintaining accurate leave balances. This saves HR time and reduces the chance of overbooking or improper leave payouts.

Payslip Features

Ever wonder if payslips are important? Of course, payslip features are crucial. The reason is that they provide a clear breakdown of earnings, deductions, and benefits.

A payslip is essential for understanding employee income, verifying the accuracy of the pay, giving employees a chance to budget effectively, filing taxes, and making use of employer-provided benefits. It also acts as proof of income, which can be necessary for various financial transactions.

Every HRIS should have a feature to request copy payslips, automate payslip emails, and have a secure password-protected payslip.

Employee Self-Service

One of the best possible features that an HRIS system can offer is employee self-service. This feature empowers employees to directly manage their own payroll-related information such as addresses, birth dates on the system, and bank details.

This minimizes the potential errors caused by manual data entry, increasing the accuracy of payroll calculations and reducing the administrative workload for HR teams.

Having employee self-service also enables the employees to easily request leaves, raise a ticket whenever there is an issue, and update their documents online.

Automated Payroll

The last but not the least is payroll automation. Most of the businesses that transition from spreadsheets to an HRIS are looking for this feature. Since manual payroll involves complex calculations, it is prone to mistakes regarding taxes, deductions, and benefits. Automation minimizes human error and ensures accurate payroll every time.

If your organization is looking to save time, automated payroll is the key. Automated systems eliminate slow manual calculations and data entry.

Having automation gives valuable time for payroll managers and HR staff to focus on other crucial aspects of the business.

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In the steadily advancing digital landscape of the Philippines, an HRIS is becoming essential for businesses wanting to thrive. The must-have features we've outlined are designed to simplify your HR processes, protect sensitive employee data, and boost accuracy and compliance.

By investing in the right HRIS & payroll system, you'll free up time for your HR teams to focus on strategic initiatives, empower employees to manage their own information, and ensure your company stays ahead of the curve in the competitive Filipino business landscape.

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